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Posted on Friday, November 27, 2009 in Legitimate concerns

Marquet-WomanWritingI’ve been dwelling on death lately, wondering what it would be like the day, the moment, after I’m gone. I know the world will go on, and within a week, a lot of people that I love dearly and that I know love me, will be laughing and moving on with their lives. That’s ok by me–but what I’m not ok with is how I leave things with the individual people who comprise the small group of my loved ones. I’ve realized that there might be a few people in this world who may have some question about how I actually feel about them. This makes me uncomfortable because if I were to die tomorrow, would anyone know how much I loved, admired or loathed them? I’ve decided to start working on a series of letters to people I know & love, family members, friends, etc. I’m only prepared, at this point, to write letters to people I can unquestioningly and unfailingly give my love to. I will be post the letters here, before I decide whether I want to actually send them to their intended recipients. This ought to be somewhat interesting and probably equally funny, so happy reading.

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