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Mar 31

Back, and stronger than ever.

Posted on Saturday, March 31, 2012 in That's the spot.


We're moving cross country like these guys (with bigger cars and less turbans), but with the help from Earl.

We’re moving across country in 7 weeks, and I the hubs and I can’t wait! I have enjoyed living close to some of my family and my husband’s family, but it’s time to just go do what’s right for us regardless of the opinions our moms, dads, sisters, brothers and friends might have about it. Hasta la vista dry desert wind and dust. We’re going to the ocean to dip our feet in the saltwater and sand. To read books in the sun and listen to seagulls. To meet like-minded people who shower and take care of themselves (and aren’t judgmental!). To listen to rain and thunderstorms and enjoy all of the benefits of living seaside for a while. I believe it will suit us better than living in the West ever did. We are both ready to leave behind a lot of memories that just weigh us down–whether it be personal, family-related drama, lost loved ones….. Neither of us is perfect and we’ve both made mistakes that have set our relationship back in a lot of ways, but we’re making huge progress towards becoming the people we each want to be individually and as a united couple.

Making bad decisions is easy. Not just easy, but almost preferable. Being a good person, and a good husband or wife, is a lot of work. When my husband and I said “I Do” we had no idea what that meant and even if we really “did”. But, taking all romance and attraction out of it, we are a good team. We’re friends. We are learning each other and letting each other be who we are. It feels good to know that even though we are human and will make mistakes and there will be stumbles and hard times, we’ll deal with these problems as a team. It took one ugly ex-girlfriend, a whole lotta of lies, tears, fights and counseling to get on the path we’re on, but now that we’re on it there’s no stopping this train.

I know that I am a strong individual, and whatever happens, I’ll come out on top–in whatever way that was intended for me. Don’t misunderstand me–I love the life I’m living now. But if tomorrow it all falls apart, I know that I can take my dog, get in my car, and start new and there’s a whole world of adventure out there. I’m a bright, capable young lady who doesn’t need to worry about making it because it will just happen.

Jul 9

I fucking love Breaking Bad

Posted on Saturday, July 9, 2011 in That's the spot.

1567_breaking_bad_468Have any of you seen the show ‘Breaking Bad’?  If not, I suggest you get right on that.  To quickly summarize, it’s about a high school science teacher who has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and as such decides that in order to leave his pregnant wife and teenaged-son with cerebral palsy in a good financial condition when he’s passed, it would be a good idea to hook up with a former student of his to begin cooking and selling meth. Understandably, all kinds of lies, mess and chaos follow.

walter-white-breaking-badThe main character, Walter White, is played by Brian Cranston and he’s the kind of guy that you really want to like but eventually love to hate. Perfect for the role because you can easily like him one second and hate him the next.  His breaking-bad-jessecohort, Jesse Pinkman, played by Canadian actor, Aaron Paul is just downright hi-larious.  Excitable and operating in an often meth-induced paranoia, he provides endless comedic relief to an otherwise heavy plot.  Other characters include Hank, Walter’s bro-in-law who is a badass DEA agent (which makes for some interesting conflicts and near-misses), Skylar, Walt’s suspicious, level-headed and morally superior pregnant wife, Marie- Skylar’s self-centered, blunt-speaking sister who is married to Hank and is currently in counseling for being a klepto, despite being a fairly successful doctor. And let’s not forget Walter Jr., Walt & Skylar’s son, who seems to be the most well-adjusted and good-natured character among the group.

Some pretty serious shit goes down in this show, so I wouldn’t recommend it for your little impressionables, but it’s really worth a look.  Bonus, it’s shot in and around the Albuquerque area, which is cool for local Burque turkeys since many of the locations are recognizable.

Long story short, the show is badass and I highly recommend it. Two thumbs up or whatever they say. Hell yeah.

New & 3rd season starts July 17 on Showtime, reruns of 1st and 2nd seasons on AMC.